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Tradigital has provided marketing, design and development solutions for over a 100 companies since its beginning in early 1998.

Every Project has its challenges. Our challenge in Tradigital when starting a new venture is to build something that will exceed the client expectations. This Challenge comes from a passion in everyone of our employees to engineer the best product possible.

Here are two recent examples of our Successes:

IGN Internet Global Network Inc. is a hi-tech company active in the explosive entertainment based Internet industry, particularly in the area of Internet gaming or "e-gaming". IGN is a public company trading on the NASD OTC-BB.

Overall Plan - Wild West Online Casino

Logo Design
Design an attractive, logo that captured the chosen casino theme (wild west). The logo would be used in all print, website and online marketing.

Website would need to mirror the logo identity with a old western casino look. This look would obviously be carried over into the downloadable casino application.

Casino GUI - (graphic user interface) The Casino Interface had many challenges. Aside from building all the games and their components (blackjack tables, roulette wheels, slot machines, lobbies etc.) inside the "play window", there were many other mechanisms that had to be readily available and excisable to the Player within the 640 X 480 screen.
  • Advertising and message window
  • Game button, cashier button, help buttons, Free or Pay button
  • Player info area - Balance, User Name
  • Drop Down menus.
  • Strong Logo Presents

Due to the success of the project Tradigital has since built 2 other Casino identities for the client.
"I couldn't think of another company that could have pulled this off such a great job under the strict timelines Pass on a big congradulations on a job well done. Everyone here is blown away."
-Praveen Varshney, Director of Operations, IGN

SortWeb - Global Business Search and Information Portal

SortWeb is committed to delivering local and global audiences to local businesses and communities.

Logo Design
Design a corporate logo for use in print and web application

Web Interface & Concept Development
Design a user-friendly web interface that offered the user many options. The main challenge behind this application was to offer a simple client user-friendly interface with everything, news, weather, Financial, shopping, free lotteries, chats and a global business search that navigated down to a local level.

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